Franz OttoMy name is Franz Otto & this is my Blog. I am a German immigrant & I like to work on home improvement projects. My father made a decent living in construction so I grew up around it. I’ve worked for a number of different related industries & now I mostly write & share information with others about home improvement topics. I also still enjoy getting my hands dirty while working on my own projects and helping others with diy projects.

I had one job that loved above the rest: pest control. I have a perchant for noticing the details in life and seeing the little signs that people seem to miss made me a perfect fit for pest control. I spent most of my adult life working in Boston for a pest control agency. When my wife died of cancer, I decided it was time to see the country I had lived in but never experienced. So I travel. A lot.

I write about my travels. And the pests I see along the way.

I recently learned about this pest company. If they are in your area, I highly recommend them.

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